One Deck Dungeon: Forest of Shadows

Created by Chris Cieslik

One Deck Dungeon: Forest of Shadows
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A stand-alone expansion to One Deck Dungeon, featuring new heroes, dungeons, combats, and perils. Get your dice ready for adventure!

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$269,240.00 / 4,817 backers
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Estimated Shipping Date: September 2017
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One Deck Dungeon: Forest of Shadows
One copy of One Deck Dungeon: Forest of Shadows. Includes heart tokens, and 6 heroes and dunge... more »
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One Deck Dungeon (Base Game, v1.5)
One copy of One Deck Dungeon (version 1.5). Includes heart tokens, and all 5 heroes and dungeo... more »
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v1.5 Upgrade Pack (Cards Only)
An upgrade pack containing all 56 cards, 5 hero cards, and 1 turn reference from the original One... more »
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One Deck Dungeon: Forest of Shadows (PLASTIC)
One copy of One Deck Dungeon: Forest of Shadows, with plastic hero cards and dungeon cards. In... more »
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v1.5 Upgrade Pack (Cards Only - PLASTIC)
An upgrade pack containing all 56 cards, 5 hero cards, and 1 turn reference from the original One... more »
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One Deck Dungeon (Base Game, v1.5 - PLASTIC)
One copy of One Deck Dungeon (version 1.5), with plastic hero cards and dungeon cards. Include... more »
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A 24"x14" neoprene playmat designed to fit all components needed for a game of One Deck Dungeon.
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Glooping Ooze Plushie

Learn About Our Project:

One Deck Dungeon returns with Forest of Shadows, featuring adventures in all-new lush yet deadly locales. A vast network of mossy underground tunnels and connected forest areas await your adventurers! 

Forest of Shadows is a stand alone expansion that you can play on its own or in combination with the original. 

One Deck Dungeon: Forest of Shadows is a 1-2 player roguelike adventure card game (just like the original One Deck Dungeon!) It's a standalone expansion, so it can be played as its own full game, or mixed with the original. If you're new to One Deck Dungeon, see the Basics section below for an introduction to gameplay.

The game includes 44 Encounter cards, 5 Dungeon/Boss cards, 4 Level cards, a Stairs card, 5 postcard-sized Hero Cards, a Turn Reference, a set of campaign sheets, 15 hearts for damage tokens, 6 potion cubes, 8 poison cubes, and 30 shiny translucent dice. The 3D shot above doesn't show them as translucent, but that's merely a failing of my amazing 3D skills. Basically, the expansion has the same types of components as the base game. Since it's a stand-alone expansion, that makes sense!

Forest of Shadows comes with both a full v1.5 rulebook and a small rules supplement for its new mechanics. 

The core gameplay elements are the same as the original One Deck Dungeon; you'll still be busting through doors ready to beat up baddies and avoid dangerous perils. There are some new twists, and of course all-new cards!

You can download a full Print and Play version of the base game and Forest of Shadows, along with the rules PDFs for each.  

Print and Play: [ Base | Forest ] Rules: [ Base | Forest ] 

v1.5 Upgrade Pack

Since the original game's printing, we updated some of the terminology and made a few balance tweaks. A full list of these can be found in our [v1.5 Patch Notes

Several tiers offer a v1.5 upgrade pack, which is a full deck of 56 cards and 6 hero cards + turn reference with all the updates. You can add-on upgrade packs to any tier by adding to your pledge according to the chart at the bottom of the KS page. A full copy of the v1.5 rulebook is included with each copy of Forest of Shadows.

Plastic Cards vs Normal Cards

Plastic cards are waterproof, durable, and still very smooth to shuffle. Most people say that they feel like normal cards! You should never need to sleeve plastic cards, but avoid getting acidic foods or drinks on them. That can damage the coating. Both types of cards fit safely in the box (normal cards fit with sleeves, unless they are very thick sleeves)

Add-ons / Shipping Costs

At the end of the page there is a list of add-ons available and shipping costs. Simply increase your pledge by each add-on you want, and you're good to go! No additional shipping costs required. If you're in the EU (including the UK) we cover VAT and customs fees for you.

We'll have a post-campaign pledge management website to let you specify what your add-ons are, and increase your pledge if you decide you want additional items!

One Deck Dungeon is fully co-operative. Each turn in the game is shared by the entire party. Every turn, time will pass, and then the party will decide to either Explore or Enter a Room. Exploring will add more face-down cards to the dungeon as closed doors. Entering a room flips over one of these doors to reveal an encounter: either a combat you must face, or a peril to overcome.

Combat encounters pit you against the monsters and denizens of the dungeon. Each card has a variety of challenge boxes, representing the amount of damage and spent time you might incur while fighting.

In a combat, you'll roll one die for each of the attribute icons on your hero card (plus any items you've picked up). You can place a die in any box matching its color, as long as the die's value is at least as high as the number in the box. 

Any boxes you don't fill with dice represent the consequences of vanquishing your foe: the amount of damage the party incurred and how long it took to win. Damage tokens are placed on your hero card, but be careful -- if the number of tokens is equal to your health, the game is over. As long as you survive, though, you always win the battle and claim loot. You're heroes, after all!

Peril encounters pit you against all sorts of obstacles you may encounter on your adventure. Each peril has two options to choose from for how to best overcome it. 

Against a peril, you'll roll only your dice of the color that matches the choice you picked, trying to fill the box on the peril card for the option the party chose. Wide boxes like those on peril cards can be filled by any number of dice added together. Don't worry! You don't have to roll an 11 on one six-sided die.

Even if the party takes damage and spends time, you still claw your way to the loot behind the peril... as long as the fall from that rope bridge wasn't too bad.

Every encounter you survive brings you loot! Each card in the dungeon deck can be used as loot in one of three ways. You always get the card as loot, even if you took damage or spent time during the Suffer Consequences step for not filling some of the challenge boxes in the encounter. 

Items and Skills are tucked underneath your Hero card. Items will increase your dice pool and possibly your maximum health. Skills are used during encounters to modify your dice or roll additional ones to help you overcome the situation at hand.

Experience is tucked underneath the Level card. Your current level determines the maximum number of Items and Skills your hero can possess. Each time you level up, you'll also get a free potion. At the start of the game, you only have access to Healing potions, but you may find other types as you delve deeper...

Each of the five dungeons has its own unique set of effects and challenge boxes. As you delve deeper into the dungeon, more and more of these boxes will be revealed. They add difficulty to every encounter in the game, and mean that an adventure in the Vile Roots feels very different from the Realm of Venom.  

Once you go through each section of the dungeon, the boss awaits at the end, on the back of the dungeon card. The boss battle is a multi-round combat encounter. If the party can vanquish this final foe, you'll have emerged victorious!


Poison is a new type of consequence that appears in challenge boxes. 8 green poison cubes are included with the game, and they get placed on heroes just like normal damage. Poison is dangerous for two reasons:

1) If you ever need to add a poison token and none are available, the heroes lose.

2) Every time the party explores, and before each round of boss combat, roll one die to resist poison. If the roll is higher than the number of poison tokens in the entire party, remove one poison token. Otherwise, remove one poison token and replace it with two damage tokens.

Luckily, there are herbs in the forest! Half of the cards in the expansion have a leaf icon on them. For each open door with a leaf showing when the party explores, add 1 to the resist poison die roll.

Removal: Several boss and dungeon effects remove dice or poison tokens from play. These are not returned to the supply, they're placed in the box for the remainder of the game! 

Since running out of poison tokens ends the game, this is quite dangerous. Having less dice available is no picnic either, as you'll start running out when you try to use skills during encounters.

Pet Panther / Peril Options: Do you want a pet Panther? I bet you do! Several of the perils in Forest of Shadows have the loot they provide determined by which option the party chooses. In the case of the panther, you can try and sneak by it to claim an item, or charm it to keep it by your side for the rest of the adventure. Nobody's fighting that panther. It's big!

Combining Sets: Forest of Shadows is a standalone expansion, which means you do not need the original game to play. You can mix and match heroes and dungeons from the two sets. The Hunter could visit the Dragon's Cave, and the Rogue could journey into the Realm of Venom. You can also create a dungeon deck of the two sets mixed together, taking 22 cards from the original One Deck Dungeon and 22 from Forest of Shadows. See the rulebook for more details! 








We're doing something fun for this campaign: instead of small stretch goals for things we really wanted to put in the game no matter what, we're focusing on big exciting stretch goals! 

It's still fun to reveal and unlock things as the campaign goes along though, so we revealed a number of bonus items over the course of teh campaign!

5th Hero: The Alchemist was added. She gets a second use out of every potion!

5th Dungeon: The Lair of Indrax was added, the hardest of the 5 Forest of Shadows dungeons!

Campaign Sheets: New Campaign Sheets, with 3 new focus groups were added.

6th Dungeon + Hero: Caliana and the Phoenix's Den will be in every copy of Forest of Shadows. Previously, they were available only as a PDF download.

Hordes of the Shadows: A special card to increase difficulty for 4 player games was added. Since the Phoenix's Den increased the deck size to 60 for the expansion, we added this card, along with Basic Potions and Poison Reference cards.

The big stretch goals below are all for items that don't go in the game box, because they are either digital in nature or simply too large and awesome. The goals are high, but that's what stretch goals should be - things we wouldn't be able to do without your support:

Our first stretch goal is for a story mode to accompany the campaign sheets included with the game, and also a full soundtrack with a song for each of the five dungeons. The story will feature a choose-your-own-adventure style plot between games, linking together the 10 available dungeons into one larger campaign. It will be available as a PDF or on our website,  

We've already made one track, it's the one used in the video. Here's the full version:

The playmat has been unlocked early, and is available as a $20 add-on to your pledge. See the add-ons section below for details!

Shipping rates for this campaign are very simple. You pay one rate based on your region, regardless of the number of games you want to add on.

UPDATE: We have reached a deal to prepay your customs and VAT if you're in the UK or elsewhere in the EU. In addition, we've been able to reduce shipping from $20 to $15 for UK backers. There's a special pledge level for UK backers, the $20 UK Shipping Zone level.

Kickstarter backer orders will be sent out first, before any copies bound for conventions, retail, or distribution. You're our backers! You deserve to be the first to delve into the Forest of Shadows. Sorry about all the poison and monsters~

In keeping with our simple shipping scheme, additional copies are very easy to add to your pledge. Simply add the amount below (after shipping), and note in the Kickstarter survey which thing you've backed for when the campaign concludes.  Add-ons of games and upgrade packs have no additional shipping cost. You can also add additional money through the pledge manager after the campaign.

[$20: Glooping ooze plushie! It's here to steal your heart (tokens)]

v1.5 Cards-only upgrade packs contain the 56 cards, 5 hero cards, and the Turn Reference necessary to play the game, and assume you have the rest of the components (dice, wooden bits, etc) from the original game. 

You can read our "patch notes" describing what changed in v1.5. 

Plastic cards are more durable, waterproof, but still easy to shuffle and play with. After the first campaign, many people remarked that they couldn't possibly be plastic after feeling how nice the surface and shuffling was! 

Just, you know, don't put ketchup on them. Turns out the coating doesn't like acidic condiments.

Neoprene Playmat:

We commissioned a beautiful playmat for One Deck Dungeon: Forest of Shadows, with spaces all lined out for your adventures! The mat accommodates 1-2 players, sitting either next to each other or across a table (simply rotate the hero card area to sit across from each other. The mat is 24"x14", and it's been on display in paper form on our last few streams. The playmat will come rolled-up inside a box (15"x2"x2") for each storage and shipping.If you'd like one, simply add $20 to your pledge like any other add-on. There's no additional shipping charge.

The playmat was illustrated by the talented Naomi Robinson. You can see more of her work on her website, twitter, and instagram. She might have a cup of tea on her head, but we're cool with that :)